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Hello and welcome to “Made By G”! Thank you for visiting my gallery and web store.
Please stop by often, as I am always coming up with new innovative pieces.

I am a native New Yorker!! and proud of it ^-^
My inspiration is derived from the beauty of Trench Art, Antiquities, SteamPunk movement and my Rock collection. In conjunction with me being a part of the Industrial / Goth / Metal / Grunge “Club Rat” scenes back in the days at the Limelight, Palladium, Tunnel, The Bank …etc .
I then partook in the “Swing Dance” movement, which led me to work for the most prestigious 5 star entertainment establishments in New York City. One of them was “Windows On The World” AKA “W.O.W” at One World Trade ♥
After working in the Hospitality/Entertainment Industry for over 10 years, went back to college and finished at the top of my computer programming classes. Later went to work for an engineering company, quasi government and then a computer security company.
I was always overwhelmed with love, ambition and excitement for taking apart mechanisms and electronics. Wanting to learn and understand the functionality of each device ♥

I took the love of my hobby to another level where there is no boundaries, no order, no rules. Wanting to think out of the box and this is what I came up with ^-^ “Made By G”. Where you will find handmade eclectic designs focused on old world vintage eras such as “Victorian”, “Steampunk”, “Industrial”, and “Goth”. Each design is intrigued by the influences of natural rock formations, the brilliant innovative craftsmanship of “trench art”, computers and vintage / antique watch movements.

Most of ” Made By G “ jewelry pieces are made with computer/electronic parts, antique/vintage hardware and non-salvageable authentic watch parts of yesteryear. Many of the embellishments used are genuine rocks, precious stones, semi-precious stones, minerals, fossils, crystals, gems  from all over the world .
Some eclectic jewelry designs include rare finds such as metals from out of this world. These jewelry pieces have “meteorite” fragments which originated from outer space and some time ago impacted the Earth.

All of ” Made By G “ eclectic jewelry designs are “handmade” and resembles the style of  “trench art”. I always try to respect the integrity &  historic value of all the parts. Therefore, in order to ensure the highest quality for my jewelry designs to last for years to come. I use a mixture of professional techniques such as solder and multiple types of bonding agents depending on the type of materials being used.  Sometimes you will see the bonding agents visible. For this reason, I try to maintain the bonding agent profile low enough. Hence, when worn the piece will have an elegant sophisticated “CyberPunk” / “Steampunk” / “Industrial” / “Victorian” / “Goth” style. This process is done to make the parts more desirable than its original state. Without adversely affecting the color, quality, value of the stones and vintage finds. My process ensures you will receive a visually stunning attractive “mixed media” art piece.

I always enjoyed creating pieces with a Yin and a Yang. Love this hobby, very blessed that my “mixed media jewelry” art designs has brought many people to say “WOW, never thought that could work and it looks GREAT! Would you make me one?” ♥
As well as making people happy by wearing one of my eclectic handmade One-Of-A-Kind “Mixed Media” art☺

♥ “Thank You” to everyone who encouraged my hobby. ♥

~ G ~
“Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not. ”
-Pablo Picasso


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  1. Erin

    I have been impressed with this girl since I first started talking to her. She has a brilliant mind and even better looking jewelry! I have many of her pieces that I wear proudly! And I look forward to all the things that she will be designing in the future!

  2. linadavila

    I have 2 pieces from her, and they are amazing …unique one of a kind, with a piece of history . You will never see jewelry with such a creative ,artistic, past , present and future vision. She only uses authentic real ,raw precious stones and meteorite stones . With a Ying and Yang combination of natural organic material and manmade machine . #COOL #oneofakind #intricatelybeautiful #uniquejewelry #futuristicpieces #eclecticnewworld #steampunkjewelry

  3. Roberto

    Every time I wear one of her pieces its always the first topic of conversation . #steampunk #goth #mixedmedia

  4. Babsy Ilios

    Always authentic! Always beautiful! Like the person in who’s hands it falls, each piece gives as much individual serenity as it gets attention! The best karma out there!!

    To G,
    ..and to all good things.

    All the best!!


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