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Wouldn’t you want to know how old is your “Pocket Watch” jewelry?

Everytime I come across an Antique / Vintage piece, I always wondered where it may have come from. What type of journey it may have  traveled in order to be in my possession. No one really knows but at least  I am able to find out when and where it was manufactured.

♥ Wouldn’t you want to know the story behind the piece your wearing? I occasionally come across pocket watches/wristwatches that may be 20+ years old vintage or over a hundred years old.
Perhaps your piece of jewelry was made in the 1700’s, 1800’s or 1900’s. You could be wearing a piece of jewelry which could possibly be made during the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Victorian Age, Industrial Age…etc

Wouldn’t it be amazing wearing a piece of history. Especially, if it is turned into a fine piece of “Trench Art” inspired jewelry. Also, combined with the influences of Victorian / SteamPunk – Industrial / Goth with a little class. These eclectic handmade jewelry pieces are accentuated with genuine CRYSTALS,  MINERALS, GEMSTONES, FOSSILS, ROCKS and METEORITES

If you would want to know the history of any pocket watch piece of  jewellery, then  you may find out by using these tools within “Made By G” website the drop down menu  provided for your convenience.
*My items are usually priced accordingly to the rarity of the historical value of the pocket watch pieces I come across. As well as CRYSTALS,  MINERALS, GEMSTONES, FOSSILS, ROCKS and METEORITES may fluctuate that value *

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